The Real losers of the backroom-dealt Wisconsin State Budget are the middle class, period.

In all of the years that I have been following politics in Wisconsin, I have never seen a state government that does not care for the middle class even with Democrats controlling the entire State Government.

First, I want to give kudos to the MacIver Institute for Public Policy for exposing this backroom deal to the media and the public.  In its short time, MacIver is making an impact in exposing the left’s sneaky motives and providing the intellectual ammunition to defend against the left’s empty rhetoric.

Second, this state budget that has been passed by the Democrats does NOTHING for the middle class as right now, this budget is going to make Wisconsin a less-attractive place to live.

With some of the bad provisions of the state budget, the North Shore Exponent will from ten to one in a David Letterman style top-ten list that will make the progressive-left special interests roll their eyes.  So here are the ten worst Wisconsin State budget backroom deals:

10. Ensuring liquor licenses for St. Francis and Monona only as an excuse for the left in those two suburbs saying “we are stimulating the economy”.

9.  Porking over some new recycling bins to the Village of Wrightstown in which basically the Village President doesn’t know ab0ut thinking its like a christmas gift from that porker Rep. Ted Zigmut (D-Francis Creek-2nd Dist.)

8. How could a small city like Stanley get something out of this backroom budget pie, unless Mark Pocan and JFC own a stake in the small Western Wisconsin city.

7. Despite the cell phone tax may be 75 cents a month, it can add up to big bucks to anyone’s cell phone bill, did someone say move to Illinois to get a cheaper bill?

6. When Wisconsin is healthy and depopulated, Wisconsin adds a new upper income tax bracket, now how can you collect those tax  dollars when the rich move to Texas and Nevada?

5. Cutting more money to state public school aids despite schools over-spend a lot, that comes because of the fuzzy Madison Math.

4.At a time when everyone needs insurance from your car to your health, the state needs to add more mandates up to drive up your rates.  Now, a big uninsured crisis in Wisconsin is waiting to happen.

3.Despite the Democrats will not admit it, they are sponsoring racial profiling and this will make cops more wary on who to stop because they do not want to be admonished by the media on pulling somone over just because of the color of their skin.

2. Changes in the joint and several liablity law that will make Wisconsin take less risktaking because if you are 1% liable, you pay it all.

1. Making our public safety become worse by releasing prisoners early.  When Milwaukee’s crime rate is reducing, letting felons back on the street is not the anwser.

When at a time we are seeing good paying jobs leave this state because of ridiculous tax policies and regulations that will drive up the cost of doing business, the Democrats are double-talking by sticking it to the middle class with this budget.

Also, I am very livid that we are going to allow driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.  This is a slap in the face to our values in the United States.  When illegal immigration is destroying our economy, this is this last thing we need is to allow illegals to have driver licenses.  This is a national security risk to Wisconsin.

This is why earlier this week, our Dummy of the Month Award awarded all twelve Democratic members of the Joint Finance Committee this shameful dishonor.  These twelve people are guilty as charged of destroying Wisconsin’s middle class.  It is important in 2010, we send these people back to the private sector.  Coming up on the Exponent, you will get a preview on which Senators and Assemblypeople are vulnerable next year.

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