WISN-TV’s sham report on the Scott Walker website vendor shows why WISN is the worst of all Milwaukee TV Stations

Widgerson Library and Pub just reported on its blog over some media bias at WISN-TV 12 as WISN is making a big deal out of the Scott Walker for Governor Campaign using a Ohio-based web vendor.

First, Brendan Conway’s reporting on this thing shows that WISN is biased. Brendan Conway talks about the Doyle camp using a Washington, D.C. vendor for their 2006 campaign and saying that they would not commit to using a Wisconsin vendor.

First, Conway talks to a web vendor in Milwaukee about what he felt about the campaign using an Ohio vendor and decided to sensationalize the story by talking to a hired gun of Milwaukee County Board Chairman Lee Holloway who is a Walker critic for his reaction, but WISN uses the source of Michael Horne at Milwaukee World to form the basis of their story using a short article that Horne used from the Capital Times.

What shows right there is that Conway biased in his reporting and trying to single out a man like Scott Walker who is fighting to bring good paying jobs in Wisconsin.  The matter of the fact is, with internet sometimes it is a specialized tool for a campaign that they would have to go across state lines to get a cheaper price, but give me a break when the left is sliding in the polls they will rely on their buddies at Channel 12 to report and complain on small stuff including web vendors.

This biased report shows how much the left and the elitist reporters at Channel 12 fear Scott Walker.

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