The North Shore Exponent Visits St. Louis This Week

This week, the North Shore Exponent will bring you coverage of the Conservative Heartland Leadership conference from the battleground of America, St. Louis in the bellwether state of Missouri.

This conference is a critical conference as people from all over the Midwest will converge on the Millennium Hotel in Downtown St. Louis for this event and the North Shore Exponent has your ticket to the event.

On Wednesday Night, we will have coverage of what will be a tasty dinner on the topic of Government transparency moderated by Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform and headlined by former Missouri Governor, Matt Blunt.

On Thursday, of the last day of the conference we will have coverage of the Faith and Family Prayer Breakfast sponsored by Missouri Family Action and the general session.  Also, I will be covering the “Our Courts and Our Future” breakout session and more.

As only a handful representing the Great State of Wisconsin, I am giving all our readers in Wisconsin and across America what the trends are politically as never before the values of the Heartland are more at stake every day.

For more information on the Conservative Heartland Conference CLICK HERE

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One Response to The North Shore Exponent Visits St. Louis This Week

  1. emily matthews says:

    Doyle has brought WI to the number ONE state…in terms of DEFICIT. Yes, we are NUMBER ONE in the whole USA, in terms of per capita deficit! I hope others will see the madness of Doyle’s scorched-earth policies, and join the recall effort at

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