There is NO Excuse for a lack of budget transparency in Wisconsin even with Illinois bucking a massive income tax hike

When I was looking at my twitter feed tonight and when I saw that the Illinois House of Representatives even with heavy Democrat control defeated a major income tax hike, I cannot feel with disgrace for how the current backroom-dealt state budget in Madison has already put Wisconsin taxpayers in the wrong direction and I am more upset for Wisconsin’s abysmal transparency record.

First, there is NO EXCUSE that Wisconsin cannot pass a comprehensive transparency legislation.  Minnesota, Missouri, Indiana, and yes even Illinois just recently made comprehensive transparency of their checkbooks the law of their state.  Last year, The Government Electronic Checkbook bill sponsored by Rep. Bill Kramer (R-Waukesha 97th District) passed the State Assembly on a wide bi-partisan margin, but was killed by the Democrats on the Senate Rules Committee who never scheduled the bill for a vote in the State Senate in the last legislative session.

Second, what Mark Pocan and company did in Wisconsin made Illinois look clean in their past corruption.  The problem is the Wisconsin budget was created in secret because the Democrats wanted political expediency thinking they could score political points.  The expediency has been demonstrated by ramming the Wisconsin budget with non-fiscal policy items.  These non-fiscal policy items including the increases in car insurance and Joint and Several liability shows that the only points Democrats  scored have resulted themselves to earn is the lowest approval ratings ever for Governor Jim Doyle according to a poll conducted in late-April by Survey USA.

With Wisconsin facing a huge budget deficit the people of Wisconsin were shut out of the debate as there were no public hearings held on the budget when the new budget deficit reached up to $7 billion.  Illinois is facing a $12 billion deficit in their State Budget, but the Democrats who had an important vote tonight in the State Capitol of Springfield had to vote no because right now the Democratic Party in Illinois has taken a serious toll to their reputation with the impeachment of Governor Rod Blagojevich and they know right now they cannot take anymore risks.  Right now, there are issues they just can’t touch in Illinois.

Unfortunately, the Badger State is turning a blind eye to Illinois-style corruption in the budgeting process thanks to the recent budget passed by the Legislative Joint Finance Committee.  With the budget vote coming this week in Madison, we can expect a straight party line vote in both houses in the first round of voting by the Assembly and Senate.  This year, Wisconsin has taken under Democratic control  more steps to become extremely uncompetitive in which is starting to turn into Michigan West and when Illinois bucks another tax increase we will be seeing more good paying Wisconsin jobs flee to Northbrook, Glenview, Rockford, and all over the Prairie State of Illinois because Illinois is a flat tax state.

This lack of transparency in our budgeting in Wisconsin has made this the worst budget ever.  With voters demanding greater transparency in Government even in Wisconsin it is time we start demanding the Dirty Democrat Dozen in Joint Finance the transparency on how they will be spending these new tax increases in which we can see the real pain they are inflicting on Wisconsin taxpayers.  This is starting to show that 2010 is becoming to be a pocketbook election and when voters vote with their pocketbook they will vote the incumbents out and I am starting to see that 2010 could be a big Republican tsunami waiting to land across Wisconsin.

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