The State Budget that passed Joint Finance puts Wisconsin on the brink of being dangerous for our families

As I have been a ardent supporter of Wisconsin Attorney General JB Van Hollen, I join him in expressing my criticism in repudiating the Department of Justice budget that came out of the Wisconsin Legislative Joint Finance committee that  is short changing Wisconsin safety with a reduced budget for the Department of Justice.

First, I condemn the plan to release prisoners early and according to Charlie Sykes that some people including those who committed sexual abuse of a child would be eligible for early release that is wrong.   For any government, public safety is the top priority next to education and jobs which are the top three ingredients you need for a thriving economy.  Rep. Pocan and Sen. Miller did this as a way to sabotage AG Van Hollen from the voter fraud lawsuit.

Second, I also condemn the proposal by Joint Finance to require all cops to collect and release race data during traffic stops.  This proposal is nothing but state government sponsored racial profiling in which I think will not give cops the incentive to do their jobs over the fear they may get singled out over how many people a cop pulls over or arrests on the color of their skin.  This is an example of the race card at work by Democrats.  Personally, there is no use in politics to use the “race card” to justify substantive legislation.  There are police officers and police departments across the state ripping the plan due to amount of the mandate and how much paperwork they are going to fill out.  I really think that local  governments are starting to have enough with mandates being shoved down their throats from Madison and this is an example that local governments are saying enough.

Third, Rep. Mark Pocan and Sen. Mark Miller and the ten other democrats through their actions are putting Wisconsin on the brink of being a less safer state as many population centers in Wisconsin during the Thompson Administration were America’s safest cities.  The one thing I ask Rep. Pocan is with his home area of Madison becoming less safer, are you going to make the Capitol city less safer with your actions to release prisoners early and cut needed funding for local police departments with the tools they need to keep everyone safe?

JB Van Hollen has fought to keep us safe as our Attorney General and I can tell he will use this in next year’s campaign as he will further his case to win his second term in 2010 as Attorney General as right now any Democrat will not be worthy to be state’s top cop as their candidate will have a lot of explaining to do on how they can run a Department of Justice their Democrat colleauges through their actions in Joint Finance could claim that Wisconsin can be any safer?

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