From St. Louis:The Exponent Brings you the Conservative Heartland Conference

The Conservative Heartland Leadership Conference just ended and I wanted to update you about the conference.  I have met plenty of great people from Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Iowa, Arkansas, and many more as this has been a conference well worth the travel.

The first post will be on last night’s transparency dinner with Former Missouri Governor Matt Blunt and Nebraska Treausrer Shane Osborn on transparency.  Both Treasurer Osborn and Former Governor Blunt ran on a platform of transparency and they won huge their respective states.  Since Missouri under former Governor Blunt became the first state in the nation to enact transparency, Missouri is the national and international model for transparency as now even David Cameron who is going to be the next British Prime Minister is going to propose transparency.

At the end, I talked to Treasurer Osborn of Nebraska in regards to Wisconsin’s situation.  Treasurer Osborn said: “It all starts with leadership from top to bottom that is willing to advocate on brining the budget process in the open. In Nebraska, transparency started with the Governor’s leadership and it should be the responsiblity of the Governor of Wisconsin to work with the legisalature passing comprehensive transparency.”

When I talked to former Governor Blunt, he told me: “Wisconsin’s backroom budget deal is the reason why Wisconsin needs new leadership in the Governor’s office.”  When I asked former Governor Blunt about Scott Walker running for Governor, Blunt said:” I know Scott (Walker) well and I am encouraged by his intentions to run for Governor of Wisconsin.”

The dinner had an excellent theme of transparency and with now Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, and Minnesota passing transparency it shows that if we demand transparency in our budgeting process it shows why Wisconsin needs new leadership on the budget to prevent another backroom dealt budget like Wisconsin is facing

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