Senator Norm Coleman in St. Louis energizes a conservative crowd

From St. Louis, MO

Today at the Conservative Heartland Leadership Conference featured an excellent lunch with Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN) who spoke to a full lunch crowd at the Millennium Hotel in Downtown St. Louis.  Senator Coleman talked about his successes being successful as a large city mayor in St. Paul, MN and took this as a way to help him win the US Senate seat in 2002.

In relation to his current challenge pending in the Minnesota Supreme Court Senator Coleman is confident that the Minnesota’s highest court will rule in his favor in regards to over 3,000 ballots that come from Republican districts in the 2008 Senate election against comedian Al Franken.

Senator Coleman also mentioned during the lunch that is important for the grass e-roots to emerge in the conservative movement in order to not just compete but win politically.  Coleman stressed this as social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter is the new political battle as phones and door knocking is losing its part as a major part of running a campaign as the electronic era of activisim has arrived.

Senator Norm Coleman also talked that it is important that students are educated about the proper role in Government and said that all school districts should teach all students in history classes the Federalist Papers to understand where rights come from.

Coleman liked the idea of the Conservative Heartland Conference and said this needs to be mobolized in all 50 states.  I will be doing my part to make sure Senator Coleman’s message gets mobolized in Wisconsin so Wisconsin can elect a conservative Governor in Scott Walker, elect a conservative legislatiure in both houses, and re-elect our great conservative Attorney General JB Van Hollen as Van Hollen is worthy of a second term as Wisconsin’s top law enforcement official

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