Conservative Heartland Prayer Breakfast stresses the need to fight for traditional marriage

Blogging from St. Louis

Yesterday, the second day of the Conservative Heartland Leadership Conference began with a prayer breakfast sponsored by Missouri Family Policy Council.  Father Paul Scalia who is the son of venerable Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia as Father Scalia talked about the importance of limited government and how it relates to our personal faith.

Father Scalia says that the strongest families come from traditional marriage and said with recent decisions in states like Iowa to overturn bans on same sex marriage that it is important for conservative activists to act on preserving traditional marriage.  Fr. Scalia said: “If you change the definition of traditional marriage on who can marry, then the institution of marriage will be destroyed.”

Also, Father Scalia criticized other states including Wisconsin for proposing policies that are “overreaching” that are in the context for changing the definition of what marriage is.  This is in regards to the proposal in the Wisconsin State budget that is proposed by House Co-Chairman of the Joint Finance Committee Mark Pocan (D-Central Madison/East UW Campus, 78th District) that would create a domestic partner registry in the State of Wisconsin in light of the 2006 decision by the voters of Wisconsin that overwhelmingly voted to preserve traditional marriage on a 3-1 margin in which every county except Dane County (71 of 72 counties) voted to affirm tradtional marriage.

Father Scalia also mentioned that because of the absence of pro-family policies at the state and federal levels that big government is stepping in with intrusive policies and said that “godless governments see no limits to themselves on which policies they want to push for.”  This is evident in Wisconsin as the Badger state has pretty lax divorce laws that even allow couples to divorce on irreconcible differences.  Right now, Rep. Don Pridemore (R-Hartford, 99th District) introduced a bill recently in the Wisconsin House of Representatives to change Wisconsin’s divorce laws in which it would be harder to get a divorce unless there is an imminent threat like domestic violence or either someone in the marriage gets convicted of a felony and also increased the waiting time between court summons and actual judgement to allow for more reconciliation as Wisconsin has one of the highest divorce rates in the US.

In another key part of Father Scalia’s speech is that people must come first before government and said that people of faith should oppose big government and said that faith and family is the most important check on big government. After the breakfast,  I briefly met with Father Scalia and he expressed great concern for Wisconsin’s families that are under attack right now under the democrat controlled legislature’s policies and emphazized that the domestic partner registry is an overreach on the will of the Wisconsin voters in 2006.   Father Scalia gave us a great speech along with a great breakfast provided by the Millennium Hotel in St. Louis.  It is important that people not just in Wisconsin but across America follow the words of Fr. Scalia to preserve faith and family as if the left changes the wind on family policy, conservatives lose out.

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