Wisconsin House Dems are not happy at their Joint Finance members for inserting non-budget related items in the WI budget

Blogging from Downstate Illinois

Yesterday, after the Conservative Heartland Leadership Conference ended, I got a report from Jerry Bader of WTAQ 1360 of Green Bay. The report is according to two sources that reported to Bader that not enough Democrats in the House of Representatives may vote for the budget and this has been emphazied yesterday when House Dems met in caucus.

According to WTAQ, right now there are only 32 to 34 Democrats in the Wisconsin House of Representatives that are committed to voting for the budget that came out of the 52 Democrats who hold the majority as Dems control both houses of the State legislature.  Some of the non-fiscal policy items have drawn outrage and ire from Democrats.

One Democrat in particular, David Cullen (D-West Milwaukee, 13th District) who has pushed for an mandate that all private health insurance in Wisconsin questioned the Joint Finance Committee for inserting the autism mandate in the budget and said that the mandate inserted in the budget would be the most expensive in the country and said he is almost towards leaning towards voting no on the budget especially if Rep. Bob Ziegelbauer (D-Manitowoc, 25th District who said he will lead the drive for the House Dems to vote no on the budget unless he passes amendments to undo the non-fiscal policy items on the budget.

This comes as right now as Democrats in rural districts are hearing the wrath on the car insurance, autisim, and joint and several liablity mandates.  It will be interesting to see what will come next as many Dems are starting to question their own members on Joint Finance.

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