Rep. Zigmunt, before you accuse the GOP of distorting the budget, tell us of the pork in Wrightstown in your budget

In yesterday Maintowoc Times Herald Reporter, State Rep. Ted Zigmunt (D-2nd District, Francis Creek) accused Republicans of distorting the state budget in a short article.

When Rep. Zigmunt goes around and tells the Times Herald Reporter, I ask before you accuse the GOP of distortion explain to the constituents of the second district of the recycling bins for Wrightstown that caught the Village President by surprise?  Is this why Rep. Zigmunt refused to answer reporters questions about this earmark because citizens of the Second Assembly District know he is a candidate bought and paid for by the Madison special interests as WEAC poured thousands of dollars into the race.

So the next time Rep. Zigmunt wants to talk straight on the budget, he should anwser how he put in the budget those recycling bins

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