Bob Ziegelbauer is the key for a taxpayer victory in the Wisconsin State Budget

Back in Milwaukee

Today, I am going to talk about this week with the possible Wisconsin State budget vote in the House of Representatives will determine what will we see out of what we can tell a divided Democrat caucus as reports from various media sources including Jerry Bader at WTAQ in Green Bay that right now only 32 out of 52 Democrats are committed to voting Yes on the State budget that is loaded full of pork, non-fiscal policy items that benefit special interests, and also job killing tax increases.

This week, I think how the yes or no vote in the House of Representatives (Assembly) will come will all rest on the shoulders of the lone blue dog Democrat in the Wisconsin State House of Representatives Bob Ziegelbauer (D-Manitowoc, 25th District).  Ziegelbauer who has been a reliable conservative Democrat and usually rates high with pro taxpayer groups is going to put amendments on the table to strip out the non fiscal policy items and also remove the Joint and Several liability  and prevaling wage clauses on the budget.  If Ziegelbauer cannot get the amendments he wants passed, you can expect the 20 plus non-committing Democrats with the 46 Republicans to strike down the budget and force the budget to be re-done which would be a fatal blow to the Democrats who promised to get the budget done on time.

Ziegelbauer’s actions may set the tone for what will be considered to be a big week for Democrats including President Obama visting Green Bay on Thursday to begin the headline for the DPW State Convention in Green Bay.   During last week, the big buzz that came out Madison was a divided Democrat caucus on the State Budget as even staunch Democrats such as Marlin Schneider the longest serving member of the State Assembly according to a WisPolitics report giving House Joint Finance Chairman Mark Pocan (D-Central Madison/East UW Campus, 78th District) heated ire over the prevaling wage and car insurance clauses in the budget that were tucked in during the backroom session on Memorial Day weekend.

This week will see what is the attitude coming out of the majority caucus as now the mainstream media is getting after Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan (D-Central Janesville, 44th District) over his hipocriscy on the Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee fundraiser which is happening the Monday after the DPW state convention in Wisconsin Dells despite Speaker Sheridan said that there will be a ban on all fundraising during the state budget.

What happened in Illinois last week must motovaite Wisconsinites

I think with Wisconsinites concerned in all corners of Wisconsin, I hope Rep. Zigelbauer is inspired by what happened in Springfield, IL last Sunday when the Illinois House of Representatives stood up to their tax and spend State Senate and Governor Pat Quinn and his so called “Quinncome” tax hike and protected the taxpayers who were on the brink.  It is time those 20 Democrats who are not committed to voting yes get inspired by what happened in Illinois last week and take action for the hard working taxpayers in Wisconsin.

When I was born and too young to remember, former Illinois Governor “Big Jim” Thompson said, “When the last business leaves Wisconsin, please turn out the lights.”  I hope I do not want to see this happen again if Illinois GOP Governor candidate Bill Brady puts up the same sign on the Wisconsin-Illinois border because many people in Wisconsin are getting sick of being a second class state.

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