Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker’s column attacking AG Van Hollen, no good wide left

Yesterday, the Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker issued a hit piece in the WisOpinion attacking the Department of Justice for expanding its financial resources over five years and Attorney General JB Van Hollen for putting priorities first of keeping families safe.

Senate Majority leader Decker’s column is way wide left complaning of the Department of Justice adding more positions to the State Crime Lab which Van Hollen was successful asking for a larger budget than normal in which the DOJ got $181 million over a base budget of $159 million which includes funding for the new positions in the State Crime Lab in the 2007-2008 budget.

Now with Decker complaining of AG Van Hollen getting the funding he needs to keep our families and our cities safe, I think he uses this convenient time to think that our state is safer with the previous crime lab backlog under the Doyle-Lautenschlager administration.  Also, doesn’t Senator Decker  know one of the crime labs is in his senate district and it was feeling the effects of the backlog during the Lautenschlager Administration?

Senator Decker also attacks AG Van Hollen using a line from his 2006 Campaign: “I have the ability to create partnerships, to have the leadership within the office to free up resources…to do more with less.”  Under AG Van Hollen, by returning to the mission of what the Department of Justice is all about being the state’s lawyers and not politicians pushing actvisit agendas the state is doing more than ever to protect our citizens including fighting voting fraud, mortagage fraud, illegal immigration, meth production, and now fighting for our car dealers facing a corrupt Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli.  Also, AG Van Hollen has returned money every year back to the state coffers when Governor Doyle has been wasting more of our tax dollars.

Van Hollen has done more with less and has prosecuted more cases as an Attorney General than Lautenschlager-Doyle has ever done.  So Senator Decker, unless you want families up in Wausau to fear their safety get the facts about your party’s plan to even release early prisoners who have been convicted of sexual assault of a child, it is time you get your budget to put families first by keeping them safe.  AG Van Hollen has tightened his belt more than you ever done and before you issue more misinformation on AG Van Hollen you should tell your people on Joint Finance to re do the state budget.

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