Rep. Mason: Which side are you really on openeess and transparecy? Give me a break.

Kudos to the MacIver Institute for Public Policy for exposing Democratic Joint Finance Committee member Cory Mason (D-South Racine-62nd District) on now his  stance for openness and transparency in the state budget.  Rep. Mason is truly being a hypocritical legislator on being for openness and transparency in the budget while at the same time being part of the backroom dealt state budget in Joint Finance Committee.

Rep. Mason said on transparency in a column in the Racine Post:

“Now that Democrats are in the majority we have the opportunity to lead in a different and better way–I hope we rise to the challenge. We face the toughest economic climate since the Great Depression, the largest deficit in state history, and the task of sorting out billions of dollars in federal stimulus support. The very least we can do is open all of our debate to public view.”
State Representative Cory Mason in a column to the Racine Post

Honestly, I think this is total hypocrisy when Rep. Mason says he is for transparency in the federal and state stimulus bill, but was part of the backroom budget sessions in Joint Finance Committee teaming up with fellow Racine County Democrat John Lehman for sneaking through non-fiscal policy items and pork that does not belong in the budget and pressed for the unsustainable KRM tax with Senator Lehman.  Also, Rep. Mason voted for the state level stimulus bill that was passed with no public hearing.

Rep. Mason voted Yes in 2008 on Assembly Bill 862 which would require a comprehensive database on all state spending and expenditures.  Rep. Mason was perhaps one of the many in a Assembly voice vote who voted to approve the Earmark Transparency Act authored by Republican State Rep. Rich Zipperer (R-Brookfield/Pewaukee, 98th District).

The puropse of this is to expose Rep. Mason,  that you cannot be for transparency on one day and be part of a backroom budget session with no transparency on the next day.  If the Democrats care about being open and transparent like they promised in 2006, they should work towards making the Government more transparent by opening up the state budget process first.

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