The Exponent exposes transparency advocate Louis Molepske for inserting a pork barrel earmark in the budget.

Well, the MacIver Institute has found more pork on the budget and we are going to expose the true Democrat hypocrisy on transparency as we expose so called transparency good guy Louis Molepske, Jr. (D-Stevens Point-71st District).

Rep. Louis Molepske introduced the Wisconsin Sunshine Bill, and during a press release, Rep. Molepske pushed for his case in opening government by stating:

“That granting selective access to bill drafts not only denies the public its right to open government, but gives special interests a distinct advantage in passing their legislative proposals, as committee hearings can be held within 24 hours of a bill’s introduction, well before the public even has the opportunity to read, understand and submit testimony on the effects of a bill.”

Rep. Louis Molepske on the Open Government Act

Let’s fast forward to these closed caucus meetings this week, and Rep. Molepske inserts a pork barrel earmark in a closed caucus session by authorizing UW-Stevens Point to plan a Bachelor’s in Science program in nursing without legislative approval or approval of the UW System Board of Regents.  I am for expanding nursing education opportunities, but this needs to be debated in the day of light and not rammed under the rug in a closed caucus session.  This simply shows why Rep. Molepske is another hypocrite on transparency.

Yesterday, we exposed Rep. Cory Mason for his hypocrisy on transparency.  Today, like Rep. Mason, Rep. Molepske is showing he is not a true transparency advocate by inserting pork for UW-Stevens Point while he voted Yes to approve The Government Checkbook Disclosure Act (AB 862 2008) on an Assembly Floor vote and despite a voice vote was one of many to vote for the Earmark Transparency Act (AB 739 2008).

The point is, true transparency means open and up front government at all phases including the state budget.  Rep. Molepske is just another hypocritical hack who porked his way to make himself look good.  The Exponent will give the same message like with Rep. Mason, you cannot be for transparency, open government and sunshine on one day and insert a earmark into the budget the next day in a closed caucus session to make Mark Pocan look good.

This is why Wisconsin cannot trust the Democrats in control of the Assembly because Louis Molepske lacks the teeth to be a leader on government transparency.

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