Milwaukee Democrats are killing School Choice in the State Budget, Rep. Kessler is killing our kids future.


I just got done watching Sunday Insight with Charlie Sykes on Today’s TMJ 4 and I could not agree more with the panel had to say, school choice is getting killed by Rep. Fred Kessler (D-Northwest Milwaukee/Wauwatosa, 12th District). Also, other Milwaukee area Democrats including Rep. Peggy Krusick (D-Greenfield/South Central Milwaukee, 7th District), Rep. Christine Sinciki (D-St. Francis/Cudahy, 21st District), and Senator Lena Taylor (D-North Milwaukee, 4th District) have been joining the call of Rep. Kessler to cap enrollment and put more redundant regulations that will eventually kill the program.

Rep. Jason Fields (D-North Central Milwaukee, 11th District) along with Anette Polly Williams (D-Northeast Milwaukee, 10th District),  and Rep. Josh Zepnick (D-Southeast Milwaukee, 9th District) who have been unrelenting champions of the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program were being silenced by Rep. Kessler’s efforts to supress the program and in a e-mail sent to school choice activists that Rep. Fields, and Sen. Jeff Plale told these activists that they had to remain silent or see the program go away.

It was also noted that Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke sent a message to Rep. Kessler calling him an equivalent of segregationist Alabama Governor George Wallace by saying:

Your standing in the way conjures up images I still have of segregationist Governor George Wallace standing on the steps of the University of Alabama preventing black students from a quality education, or the famous Norman Rockwell painting depicting six-year old Ruby Bridges being escorted by federal marshals to elementary school in New Orleans to enforce the Supreme Court’s order that access to a quality education was a fundamental constitutional right.  -Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke

The matter of the fact is that elitists like Rep. Fred Kessler care about their political power, not standing up to the kids who need the Milwaukee Parental Choice program to get them out of the failed Milwaukee Public Schools and give them a chance at hope as high schools like Milwaukee Messmer are graduating more students than an average Milwaukee Public High School.

Also during the state budget deliberations on the Assembly floor on Friday, Rep. Krusick was far from the truth on her arguements for greater regulations on choice schools like St. Anthony’s as basically Rep. Leah Vukmir put Rep. Krusick in her place knowing that Rep. Krusick does not give anything about the kids who go to St. Anthony’s just her party politics.

There is going to be a long list of nominees for Dummy of the Month for the month of June, but these legislators who care more about their political power than giving kids a chance to break the cycle of poverty with a good education and play politics with the enrollment cap deserve to be nominated for Dummy of the Month for the month of June.

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