Newest polls in Wisconsin prove since the Tea Parties Governor Doyle’s disapproval rating is increasing by the month

Just today, Public Policy Polling has reported that Governor Doyle’s disapproval rating has increased for the third time in the last two months.

The poll has shown that Governor Doyle’s disapproval rating has hit a key threshold of 60 percent disapproval from Wisconsin voters with huge disapproval from independent voters in Wisconsin.  This is a  one point increase from the recent SurveyUSA poll conducted through KSTP-TV in Minneapolis showing that Doyle had 59 percent disapproval rating.    On April 17th, St. Norbert College/Wisconsin Public Radio had Governor Doyle at a 54 percent disapproval rating.  This is a 21 percent drop in his approval rating since September of 2008 when Governor Doyle reached one of his highest approval ratings at 59 percent.

There are some key factors on why Governor Doyle has hit 60 percent of his disapproval.  First and foremost, it is the handling of the State budget on why he is at still his highest disapproval ratings.  Voters are getting fed up with all the new taxes from cell phones to real estate in the budget and add on the delayed response in the widening budget deficit along with Wisconsin having one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation is the first reason.  Second, the Madison Tea Party has inspired citizens to take action to hold politicians accountable.  Note, the St. Norbert poll came out two days after the Madison Tea Party on April 17th, and now with a second round of tea party protests coming up in Northern and Western Wisconsin will be driving the message home as the grass roots are being activated to take action.

Also, when voters will know more on how this state budget will affect their checkbook I will assume that when the next poll comes out that Doyle may have a disapproval rating close to 65 percent.  This poll should be a sign of reality for new Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate who called Scott Walker a “failed, retread leader” during the State Convention last weekend in Green Bay and said “he would knock down any Republican standing in his way”. The reality is that Walker leads Doyle 48 to 40 percent and is the stronger candidate than Mark Neumann.  Mike Tate’s partisan and so called hard rhetoric comments at the DPW state convention does nothing about the fact that his party is in serious trouble as voters are beginning to soundly reject Doyle’s policies.

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One Response to Newest polls in Wisconsin prove since the Tea Parties Governor Doyle’s disapproval rating is increasing by the month

  1. emily matthews says:

    According to some sources, only 34% of people approve of Doyle, so 66% don’t like him. Why wait for a scheduled election: go to, and get the bum out early!

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