DPW Communications Director Alec Loftus acts childishly in response to new poll showing Doyle’s worst approval rating

Yesterday, Public Policy Polling revealed that Governor Doyle has had his worst approval rating ever at 33 percent in which his approval rating has taken an over 20 point nosedive since Fall of 2008.

When reacting to the poll, Democrat Party Communications Director Alec Loftus issues this childish response to JS Online:

Loftus called the methodology in the Public Policy poll “notoriously unreliable” because all a respondent had to do was push buttons on the telephone to participate.  That “essentially means that 5-year-olds could have voted” in the survey, Loftus said.  The Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll is much more reliable, Loftus said, because it was done with “legitimate methodology.”

Now come on Mr. Loftus, you claim 5 year olds voted in the poll, that is total nonsense.  This nonsense that Mr. Loftus is talking about is similar to blaming that computers decided the outcome of the Super Bowl. What JSOnline would not report is that Mr. Loftus is sticking up for a biased DailyKos/Research 2000 poll.  Both the Public Policy Polling and the Research 2000 polls had virtually close to the same amount of respondents and just had close to the same margin of error.  Loftus is sticking up for the DailyKos/Research 2000 poll because the polling agency is really skewing the questions to the advantage of the Democrats and when you see a discrepancy of polling results on similar amounts of respondents being asked and margin of error, it raises the red flag on bias on the part of Research 2000.

Even the pollsters at Public Policy Polling find it amusing that the DPW can tout the Research 2000/Daily Kos poll and even said that this is a sign that Doyle is in major trouble.

The reason why Loftus said this statement is because other polls including Survey USA and St. Norbert have shown consistently since last fall that Governor Doyle’s approval rating has taken a sharp nose dive.  Even in December of 2008, Survey USA had Governor Doyle’s disapproval rating at 51 percent.  Therefore, voters should take seriously the Public Policy Polling poll and disregard the DailyKos/Research 2000 poll as the trend is showing Doyle and Company are in big trouble even with a iminent recall threat.

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4 Responses to DPW Communications Director Alec Loftus acts childishly in response to new poll showing Doyle’s worst approval rating

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  2. LaXTaxWatch says:

    In the 2006 WI Gubernatorial, we saw two steady streams of poll numbers.

    Standard phone methodology showed Doyle with a fairly steady lead over opponent Green. IVR-based polls consistently showed a much tighter race – some even gave Green the lead.

    The ultimate result was consistent the the numbers derived via standard methodology.

    Most professionals agree that Wisconsin is a notoriously hard state to poll in, as-is. Any method that is less effective at finding actual likely voters (ie those without live interviewers) will produce results that are all the more skewed.

    You’ll get a result, to be sure – just not as accurate of a result. Regardless of what the Dems or Republicans may say about these polls, that remains a fact.

  3. emily matthews says:

    Why does a live interview “count”, and not a phone interview? I think the pollsters could tell if it was a child’s voice on the other end of the line! As to in-person inteviews, BOTH my boys could pass for 18 or over when they were only 15! So if they were of a mind to lie to a pollster, they easily could do so.

    Let’s look at other numbers: the 6.67 biilion deficit, which is the HIGHEST PER CAPITA deficit in the whole USA. Let’s look at why Doyle wants to double-tax businesses. Yes, even my 22-year-old daughter who grosses only 20,000-something/year, and nets only $13,000 will have to pay more taxes!

    The bottom line, is Wisconsinites are fed up with Doyle, and we are joining together in a nonpartisan group to FIRE him. Go to http://www.recalldoyle.com and join us!

  4. John974 says:

    Very nice site!

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