The North Shore Exponent will Attend RightOnline this year in Pittsburgh

RightOnline in Pittsburgh

RightOnline in Pittsburgh

The North Shore Exponent is proud to announce that we will be covering RightOnline from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this August 14th and 15th from the Sheraton Station Square in Downtown Pittsburgh.

Last year, I was part of the first ever RightOnline Conference in Austin, Texas in which over 500 conservative activists were trained from across the nation.  This year, this will be bigger and better as more people are expected to participate as last years event competed very well with the Netroots Nation Conference in Austin, Texas as this year’s will again be the response to Netroots in Pittsburgh.

We will cover all the action from the conference as the conference features Joe the Plumber, Steve Moore and John Fund from the Wall Street Journal, Eric Erickson from RedState.comMatt Lewis from AOL’s Political Machine, 2010 US Senate Candidate for Pennsylvania Pat Toomey, Grover Norquist from Americans for Tax Reform and many more.  Also, we will try to line up interviews with the newsmakers from this conference.

Also, we will be at the preview for RightOnline on June 27th in Chicago so please join us at one of the most exciting blog conventions of the year.

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