Chairman Tate: Before you talk your tough rhetoric on Walker staying in Duluth, talk about your record creating real jobs for Wisconsin

Newly elected Democrat Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate just does not get it with Scott Walker and the County Executive’s ride.

This time County Executive Walker is being criticized by the DPW over staying at the Hampton Inn in Duluth, Minnesota over what the DPW thinks they can stay at the Best Western in Superior.  Again, this is another swing and a miss from the youngest party chairman in America who lacks a clear agenda to lead the Democrats in Wisconsin especially with Governor Doyle taking an twenty point plus drop in his approval rating since the Fall of 2008 according to trusted polling sources including St. Norbert College, Public Policy Polling, and SurveyUSA.

Chairman Tate is flapping his mouth saying that Scott Walker is against Wisconsin business for having the County Executive’s ride stay in Duluth, Minnesota, but the rubber of Tate’s rhetoric does not meet the road as this is a way to shield the party’s failed record of bringing good paying jobs to Wisconsin as right now Wisconsin is one of the five worst job growth states according to Forbes Magazine.

The reason why Chairman Tate keeps flapping about this is because during his acceptance speech at the convention he did not mention a single word about defending his party’s failed record on job creation as it was more of a speech filled full of empty rhetoric.  Also, where is Chairman Tate to hold his own party accountable especially Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker who is engaging in his dirty backroom politics in the state budget amendment processs  by disabling the Government Accountablity Board’s power to investigate corruption and a party who has kept the public out of the budget process.

So far, Chairman Tate has offered the Wisconsin public nothing but dirty, cheap rhetoric and the polls show why people are ready to beleive in Wisconsin again with Scott Walker.

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