RightOnline Live blog coverage

RightOnline-2009 Chicago

RightOnline-2009 Chicago

Good Morning from the North Side of Chicago at the Holiday Inn O’Hare at the Midwest RightOnline conference.

Over 80 bloggers from Illinois, Wisconsin, and across the Midwest are in Chicago to learn the tools to become effective e-activists in the ever changing political landscape.

Also today, we will hear the reaction from fellow Illinois Republicans who are not happy with Congressman Mark Kirk who voted for cap and trade yesterday as one of the eight Republicans who voted for this bill.  Steve Moore from the Wall Street Journal and Joe the Plumber are our special guests too.

This is a little preview of what there is to come in August in Pittsburgh as I will be at RightOnline National Summit in Pittsburgh.  Stay tuned for more from Chicago.

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One Response to RightOnline Live blog coverage

  1. steveegg says:

    You lucky bastich 🙂 I’ve got too many things going on back in Wisconsin.

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