The “Oh my boss did not read the bill” moment earns Rep. Petri the Dummy of the Month Award for June


Today, I award the Dummy of the Month for the first time to a Republican Congressman and a unidentified staffer of his for showing total incompetence and lack of professionalism during one of the most critical votes in this congressional session on cap and trade.

This award goes to Congressman Tom Petri (R-Wisconsin, 6th).  Many people may ask, why Tom Petri and not someone in Madison  in regards to the bad state budget on this Dummy of the Month?  It is pure and complete stupidity that a staffer from Rep. Petri’s office shows a total disregard and poor constituent service from what citizens expect from their elected officials.

From our good friends at Mr. Grover Norquist at Americans for Tax Reform, they provided this blow by blow account of what happened:

The full telephone exchange is below:

XXXXX: “Can you tell me if Mr. Petri has read the bill? I’m very concerned that he has not had the time to digest the bill and understand it before voting on it and I don’t think he should be voting for legislation he hasn’t read”

Petri Staffer: “obviously he hasn’t read the bill – its 1200 pages long.”

XXXXX: “So you are admitting to me that my Representative is going to be voting on a bill he hasn’t bothered to read?”

Petri Staffer: “Well can you let me finish?! I’m telling you that he read the important parts. You’re interrupting me.”

XXXXX: “But he hasn’t read the whole thing? I don’t appreciate, as a constituent of Rep. Petri’s, being snapped at by his intern who just admitted to me that he won’t be reading a very important piece of legislation, especially after the 3 billion in taxes that has already been levied against Wisconsinites this year. As a republican it isn’t prudent for him to vote on this bill, much less for him to not read it first.

I don’t care you are a Republican or a Democrat, you not swear only to fight for your constituients but your staff and interns must uphold a pledge to fight for consitients but they must uphold the fact they must provide constiuent service that is excellent just like the customer service I would expect at Starbucks.  This, example is why Rep. Tom Petri and this unidentifed staffer become the first Republicans to win Dummy of the Month.

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