While DPW Chairman Mike Tate rewards his corrupt party for signing a backroom budget deal, Chairman Tate attacks Scott Walker fundraiser to avoid the fact his party is losing ground

Today, DPW Chairman Mike Tate issued another empty press release attacking  Scott Walker about the fundraiser with Newt Gingrich in Milwaukee. Just as Chairman Tate is rewarding his party for doing the state budget with no transparency and done in secret in the backroom, Chairman Tate again spews out more dirty, empty rhetoric especially with his party struggling in approval rating polls by attacking Scott Walker in another press release that is basically baloney.

As more middle class families suffer in Wisconsin under higher car insurance rates, cell phone taxes, and the immoral and uncompassionate sick tax while raising state spending, the empty attacks shows that Mike Tate is running from the truth by attacking Walker because right now 7 out of 10 independent voters disapprove of Governor Jim Doyle’s performance.  Mike Tate can claim his party is the of transparency and accountability on the budget, Mike Tate and Wisconsin Democrats are “The Party of NO Transparency and accountablity.”

Also, today’s Eau Claire Leader Telegram scolds the party chairman for his empty attacks on Scott Walker in the County Execuitive’s ride last week and really calls on the party chairman to defend how Governor Doyle handled the state budget with all the pork put in the budget.  The Green Bay Press Gazette has called for stronger legislative reform by making party caucuses by follow open records law during the budget and took Chairman Tate to task of making his politicians in his camp more disconnected from the people.   As people and the mainstream media in Wisconsin are sounding the alarm on the empty attacks, the North Shore Exponent calls on Chairman Tate to hold accountable his party to be open and transparent.  The empty press releases against Scott Walker will do nothing as long as the Democrats act as the “Party of NO Transparency.”

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