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RightOnline Agenda Released, 2009 conference is set to fire up the center-right in Pittsburgh

Just this week, the agenda for RightOnline in Pittsburgh was released for the 2009 National conference.  The North Shore Exponent is excited to be back for this event as this year’s conference is set to continue off of last year’s … Continue reading

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With Doyle’s latest travel mission to China, Wisconsin citizens demand to see the reciepts

I am back after taking a recess from blogging with the Sotomayor hearings.  Now with Governor Doyle with his upcoming trade mission to Japan and China, Wisconsin citizens I can tell are getting wary about the Governor.  Since, the Milwaukee … Continue reading

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Today’s Sunday Insight on TMJ 4 reveals that the attitude towards business in Wisconsin must change immediately.

Today on Sunday Insight, the panel on the program hit the message home that the politicians in Madison does not want to listen to, our attitude towards business needs to change or Wisconsin will not compete. First, I agree wholeheardtley … Continue reading

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Note to Mayor of Jefferson: You can’t be pro-buisness and stick up for Rep. Jorgensen who is part of the problem in Madison.

Today we expose the real hypocrisy on who stands up for the hard working men and women of Jefferson.  The Jefferson County Daily Union recently published about a recent literature drop the Jefferson County Republican Party did to expose Representative … Continue reading

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JSOnline, FoxPolitics picks up our analysis on the latest Governor’s approval polls

Patrick McIlheran at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel picked up our blog post breaking down the most recent post-state budget polls on the Governor’s job performance and we thank him for noting the importance of these polls in the mainstream media.  … Continue reading

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Two new polls issued continue the trend that Governor Doyle and the Dems are in serious trouble.

Just yesterday, the first two post-state budget polls came out on the Governor’s approval rating and on the direction of Wisconsin.  These two polls today show a growing consensus showing that Governor Doyle and the Democrats are in serious trouble … Continue reading

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If MPS can be open and transparent, why not the State of Wisconsin?

Milwaukee Public Schools has became one of the first large scale government agencies  in the state along with Milwaukee County to submit to the ultimate in openness and transparency by creating a easy to search spending database in which the … Continue reading

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