The North Shore Exponent calls for Mark Kirk’s Ouster for his Yes Vote against Cap and Trade

Despite this is an Illinois Republican as one of the Eight traitors on Cap and Trade, in Wisconsin we feel the impact of Mark Kirk’s Yes Vote on Cap and Trade in the House of Representatives as its not the families in the 10th Congressional District of Illinois who feel the pain of his Yes vote, its everyone in Wisconsin and across America.

Here Mark Kirk is claiming he is reading the Cap and Trade bill:

But, what he says and what he does is two different things.  Here is John Boehner reading all of the bill, so oops Mark Kirk perhaps missed some key parts of that 200 pages he has left and John Boehner takes Congressman Kirk and Henry Waxman to school:

Mark Kirk has lost a lot of conservative support in the 10th District of Illinois.  With also the 10th District not too far away from my home in Milwaukee, I think it is important for people in Wisconsin who believe in lower taxes and limited government to not just support the likes of Scott Walker, Jim Senesenbrenner, and Paul Ryan, it is important we support a conservative ouster to Congressman Kirk in next year’s GOP primary if he runs for House or the Senate.

Why we need Badgers to help vote out Kirk, because it will take a unified front in the grass roots, technology, and dollars across the Midwest and the whole nation to throw out one of the eight traitors to Cap and Trade who went against the principles of the GOP.   When a strong conservative announces his candidacy, I encourage anyone to give even if it means $5 or $10 to his or her campaign to vote out Congressman Kirk.

Mark Kirk’s stance to defend his yes vote is indefensible.  I know plenty of friends who live in Northbrook, Skokie, and Winnetka, IL which are part of Kirk’s district and they even are sending back to Kirk’s office in DC their shirts, stickers, and anything that says Kirk for Congress because they had enough of a candidate who does not stand for the people and a candidate who does not know what the definition of a conservative is.  Also, on the Guy Benson Show on Sunday night, people flooded the show’s phone lines saying they had enough.

This Fourth of July weekend, lets go to the Tea Parties no matter where you are and show the Cap and Traitors including Congressman Kirk that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

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2 Responses to The North Shore Exponent calls for Mark Kirk’s Ouster for his Yes Vote against Cap and Trade

  1. Carly says:

    Mark Kirk has been bought and paid for most likely by Goldman Sachs just like many of Congress. Not even Democrat IL Rep. Bill Foster who is a world renowned Scientist from FERMILAB voted YES on that horrible cap and trade bill, because Foster knows bullshit-Gore-Goldman Sachs manufactured science when he sees it. Kirk on the other hand is either a complete moron, which is not likely considering he is a Naval Intelligence Officer and former clandestine State Dept. Operative. Kirk also sold out his constituents by supporting TARP, knowing the money was just going back to his buddies at Goldman Sachs. All 5 registered voters in my family who voted Kirk in the last election will not be voting for him again. He needs to experience how unemployment feels.

  2. Shannon Kerr says:

    Foster voted against it because he is in a conservative district (Hastert’s old district) and because there were enough votes on Cap and Tax that he didn’t need to. Perhaps if Kirk had voted against it, some Dems like Foster would have had to have voted for it, but as it is, Kirk provided nice cover for them.

    I’m hearing that Kirk gets plenty of money from environmental extremist groups, so yes he is bought and paid for.

    How any conservative could even consider voting for Cap and Tax with that last minute 300 page addition is just plain irresponsible. I’d rather vote for none of the above before I’d give Kirk my vote. He is not intellectually honest voting for that piece of crap.

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