Wisconsin Democrat Chairman Mike Tate, the “same, failed retread” Party Chairman

Today was not a good day for our hard working people in Wisconsin when a well respected company in Briggs and Stratton is moving its manufacturing operations from Wisconsin to Georgia and Alabama because of the Democrats job killing regulations.

Now, on the same day when jobs are leaving Wisconsin, Democrat Party Chairman of Wisconsin Mike Tate issued some tabloid material about Ted Kanavas was contemplating a move to Texas and calling both Scott Walker and Mark Neumann “the same failed, retread leaders.”

Let me make this clear, Mike Tate is the “same, failed retread” Democratic Party leader.  Tate is the same, failed retread because this blog has pointed this out in previous posts and we will point this out again, he has no plan for getting our economy back on track.  All Mike Tate offers is a mouth talking all rhetoric and no game and that was evident during the 2009 state convention in Green Bay as Chairman Tate has talked about more tough rhetoric than job creation.  In the short tenure he has became party chairman, he rewards a corrupt party during a corrupt state budget process and offers written statements in press releases that come with the attitude of a sixth grader as basically he has become pretty negative and immature.

As the families in Jefferson are seeing their jobs leave for Alabama and Georgia and many in Fond du Lac that are fearing of seeing their jobs going to Oklahoma because of the Democrats job killing regulations, maybe before Chairman Tate spews more of his “failed retread” rhetoric that he should listen to the same middle class families he is claiming to protect as Chairman Tate is inflicting more pain on our middle class.  If Chairman Tate ignores the cry of the middle class and the job creators who want an environment to create jobs, then we can say Chairman Tate is the “same failed, retread leader” as voters in Wisconsin will be smart to vote out those in his party who inflict pain on the middle class.

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