The Doyle Administration’s travel expenses flap shows why Wisconsin Democrats are the party of NO Transparency

Just this morning, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  in an investigative report showed that this time the Doyle Administration failed to properly document travel expenses 145 times over the past two years as state laws dictate.

How has the Doyle Administration wasted your tax dollars at work,  Doyle spent more than $1,500 on two chauffeured vehicles in Canada despite it did not violate state travel policy.  Also, the Journal-Sentinel exposed that the Doyle Administration used your tax dollars on a a $5,200 business class flight to Ireland and a $654 (USD) a night stay in a London hotel.

JSOnline provided a link to the documents that they got via open records law, including a Doyle staffer not disclosing over $2,700 in travel expenses.  

This again proves why the Democrats in Wisconsin have stood in the way of meaningful transparency reform.  Just as states like Minnesota, Missouri, Indiana, and Illinois have created websites or recently enacted legislation that allows taxpayers to see their dollars spent online in real time, Wisconsin is stalling behind.   Taxpayers in Wisconsin deserve to see how their tax dollars are being spent online, in real time.  It should not take an open records request to know how much of your hard earned money is being wasted.  If we had transparency right now, we would not be in  the budget mess we are in today.

This shows why the Democrats in Wisconsin are the “Party of NO Transparency and Accountablity.”  In 2007, Rep. Bill Kramer of Waukesha, introduced comprehensive transparency (2007 WI AB 862) legislation that passed the Assembly on a wide bi-partisan margin, however the Senate Democrats killed the bill in Rules Committee as they ignored to schedule a vote before the last legislative session ended.  Rep. Kramer this year during the budget deliberations introduced an amendment (WI AA 64 to WI AB 75) to allow for comprehensive transparency and the amendment was rejected on a party line vote. 

As our state budget was dealt in the backroom this year and now with the Doyle Administration cannot back up its own travel expenses, this is got to make taxpayers angry and demanding for change.  It starts with leadership, and if Wisconsin Democrat Party Chairman Mike Tate cannot hold his party accountable on transparency, the people on November 2, 2010 will make their voices heard for transparency and elect men and women who care about the taxpayers.

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