If MPS can be open and transparent, why not the State of Wisconsin?

Milwaukee Public Schools has became one of the first large scale government agencies  in the state along with Milwaukee County to submit to the ultimate in openness and transparency by creating a easy to search spending database in which the taxpayers of Milwaukee can see their dollars spent.

MPS should be applauded for making the effort to be fully open and transparent.  But, if MPS can be open and transparent, why can’t the State of Wisconsin?

Today, the Center for Fiscal Accountablity at Americans for Tax Reform blasted the Doyle Administration for their very poor record on transparency on their blog.  Transparency should be simple as states like Missouri and Nebraska are even giving the software to any state for no cost up front.  It sounds simple, but when we lag behind Illinois, yes even Illinois approving transparency legislation while the Democrats in the Wisconsin legislature drag their feet on transparency, it raises a real red flag on whether the Democrats in control stand for the average taxpayer in Wisconsin.

Taxpayers in Wisconsin are hungry for openness and transparency.  Citizens need to put the heat on legislators in both parties to get the comprehensive transparency legislation sponsored by Rep. Bill Kramer signed into law.  Ask your legislator, if Milwaukee Public Schools and Milwaukee County is open and transparent, whats holding the politicians in Madison back?  Tell the Democrats to put the taxpayers first before being loyal to Mike Tate and the Democratic leadership in Wisconsin.

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