JSOnline, FoxPolitics picks up our analysis on the latest Governor’s approval polls

Patrick McIlheran at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel picked up our blog post breaking down the most recent post-state budget polls on the Governor’s job performance and we thank him for noting the importance of these polls in the mainstream media.  Also, we thank Jo Egelhoff at FoxPolitics for putting our post in their morning newsletter to help hit the message home in the Fox Valley.

The North Shore Exponent will continue to critically evaluate the approval rating polls for Governor Doyle and the state legislature and examine the impacts.  When the next set of polls comes out, we will evaluate them and provide you with in-depth analysis breaking down the polls.

With Democratic political opportunist Mike Tate continues to avoid the truth of the polls and belittle 2010 Republican State Senate and Assembly candidates, we will hold Mike Tate and the Democrats in Wisconsin accountable.  We will continue to point out that Chairman Tate’s party is in serious trouble and we will continue to expose why the Democrats stand in the way of accountablity and transparency.  As many more mainstream media sources in Wisconsin are sounding the alarm at Jim Doyle and Mike Tate, the Exponent will continue to be the “megaphone” to make sure both Doyle and Tate listen to the taxpayers.

We thank the many readers who came to the North Shore Exponent in the past couple days as a source to get the analysis they need on the direction of Wisconsin on the most recent polls.

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