Note to Mayor of Jefferson: You can’t be pro-buisness and stick up for Rep. Jorgensen who is part of the problem in Madison.

Today we expose the real hypocrisy on who stands up for the hard working men and women of Jefferson.  The Jefferson County Daily Union recently published about a recent literature drop the Jefferson County Republican Party did to expose Representative Andy Jorgensen (D-Fort Atkinson, Jefferson, Lake Mills 37th District) who represents a majority of Jefferson County.  Jefferson County is a lot like the Commonwealth of Virginia which is a third republican, third democrat, and third independent.

Jefferson County in the past few years has been one of the most hardest hit counties in terms of job losses in Wisconsin, but with Jefferson County losing a major anchor of their economy in Briggs and Stratton, this shows that Wisconsin’s current economic policy structure is not working.  However, the Daily Union recently publishes an article trying to portray Representative Jorgensen, who like Rep. Mike Sheridan is a former GM plant worker as someone who claims he stands up for working families.

It was a literature drop by the Jefferson County Republican Party that tried to hit the point that because of Georgia and Alabama having more competitive and business friendly economic policies allowed for Briggs and Stratton to move its manufacturing operations down South and to expand their business with better tax savings.  Rep. Jorgensen was the one who voted for the 11.5 increase in business taxes in the form of combined reporting that was passed without a public hearing combined with no transparency.  Georgia passed House Bill 482, known as the Georgia JOBS Act that allowedall tangible personal property constituting the inventory of a business shall be exempt from state ad valorem taxation”. The law was approved by Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue. Basically it allowed for Briggs and Stratton to buy better equipment without being taxed to death to make better pressure washers at the McDonough, Georgia plant.

However,  Jefferson Mayor Gary Meyers is talking two faced on what he stands for working families in Jefferson.  Jefferson Mayor Meyers thinks its a lie the Republican Party of Wisconsin is trying to point Rep. Jorgensen to the closure of the Jefferson Briggs and Stratton plant.

“There are a lot of things about the policies of the Doyle administration that I don’t agree with and that I think are anti-business,” Myers stated. “However, I think it was a bit of an inappropriate cheap shot to link Andy directly to the loss of Briggs. That’s a bit of a reach.”

Mayor Meyers talks of his two-faced stance saying: “If you want to look at overall policies, the current policies in Madison aren’t helping us retain business,” said Mayor Meyers. “But to link Andy and the Briggs loss directly, that’s just unfair.”

Mayor Meyers give me a break.   This is a load full of hypocrisy for what Jefferson’s Mayor stands for.  Jefferson’s Mayor is says he is against the Governor’s anti-business policies, but he is supporting Rep. Jorgensen who is part of the problem in Madison.  If Mayor Meyers knew early on that Rep. Jorgensen was going to vote for the job-killing combined reporting tax that he could have the guts to sound the megaphone at Rep. Jorgensen.  Maybe the most recent, SurveyUSA/KSTP-5 poll showing Governor Doyle’s lowest approval ratings ever is why the reason that Mayor Meyers is shielding Rep. Jorgensen.

The working families of Jefferson deserve better.  Nothing will change in Jefferson until a morally bankrupt hypocrite like Gary Meyers is held accountable by the people of Jefferson.

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