With Doyle’s latest travel mission to China, Wisconsin citizens demand to see the reciepts

I am back after taking a recess from blogging with the Sotomayor hearings.  Now with Governor Doyle with his upcoming trade mission to Japan and China, Wisconsin citizens I can tell are getting wary about the Governor.  Since, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported and found evidence that the Governor failed to properly document his travel expenses during his last trade mission in Ireland and the United Kingdom, Governor Doyle has been avoiding to answer reporters legitimate questions on this issue.

Earlier this week at a press conference in Milwaukee when a reporter asked Governor Doyle about the question over his lack of transparency on travel expenses, Governor Doyle refused to anwser the questions.  When the Governor agreed to do an interview with the Post-Crescent, the Governor defended his travel reports saying that he properly vets his expenses and his credit card statements will do enough as documentation.  However, Governor Doyle and his staffers under Wisconsin state policy must document their expenses with both a reciept and credit card statement.

With the Governor’s trade mission upcoming, I issue a challenge to the Governor Doyle,  show us your reciepts.  At a time when Wisconsin is nearing double digit unemployment and we are seeing bad economic policies kill family supporting jobs in Wisconsin, the people of Wisconsin want to know where the spending is going.

Unless Wisconsin joins Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, and 20- plus other states show every dime of their spending to their people  online in real time, this state will continue to have travel expense flaps.  It is time the Democrats stop dragging their feet on transparency and work with Rep. Bill Kramer in passing legislation that gives the people of Wisconsin a website to see every dime spent online and in real time.

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