RightOnline Agenda Released, 2009 conference is set to fire up the center-right in Pittsburgh

Just this week, the agenda for RightOnline in Pittsburgh was released for the 2009 National conference.  The North Shore Exponent is excited to be back for this event as this year’s conference is set to continue off of last year’s momentum as the official response to Netroots Nation on August 13th to 15th.

This year’s line-up of speakers includes Joe the Plumber, Steve Moore and John Fund of the Wall Street Journal, Michelle Malkin, and 2010 Pennsylvania US Senate candidate Pat Toomey just to name a few.

The North Shore Exponent will have coverage of the first day breakout sessions on winning strategies for the center-right, a planned protest against the cap and trade legislation, and a special dinner with Pat Toomey.

On the second day, we will cover the general session which includes speakers like Joe the Plumber and Steve Moore and we cover issue-based panels including the issue of health care.

This year’s RightOnline will be a addition to the successes the center-right has had in 2009 from the tea party protests to the possible stop of the Democrat’s health care and will fire up the center-right in 2010.

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