Prairie du Chien Tea Party Sent a Message to Congressman Ron Kind, People are watching how he votes.

On Saturday, I helped out Americans for Prosperity with a well-attended Tea Party at St. Feriole Island Park in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.

There was an excellent turnout of close to 300 people that saw a line-up headlined by Joe the Plumber in which the event was designed to fire up those who want to send a message to Congressman Ron Kind to vote NO on Health Care Reform.

Also, I had the chance to meet Congressional candidate Dan Kanapke who will challenge Ron Kind next year for the 3rd District.  Kanapke is a reform-minded State Senator from the La Crosse region is really encouraged by the response he is getting from the people of the 3rd District.

Congressman Ron Kind who is known as a moderate Democrat will be putting his congressional career on the line if a vote for health care reform comes.  Now, with the possibility of new taxes on the middle class to pay for this reform the pressure is definitely on Ron Kind to oppose this reform as many Blue Dog and moderate Democrats will be faced with the possibility of harsh election challenges next year depending on their vote.

From Prairie du Chien to LaCrosse a message is being sent to Congressman Kind, that is to get his hands off our quality health care.

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