Just Arrived in Pittsburgh for RightOnline 2009.

I just arrived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for RightOnline 2009. When I just got onto the shuttle at the Pittsburgh Station Square, Pittsburgh reminds me a lot of Western Wisconsin with a lot of bluffy hills looking out of Station Square.  The flight from Chicago Midway went very well as I flown Southwest Airlines for the first time.  They are a excellent airline and when they come to Milwaukee’s Mitchell International Airport this November, they will become an excellent addition to one of the best airports in the United States.

I also saw Mark Block of Americans for Prosperity here at the hotel as there will be a few people from Wisconsin as part of the trip to Pittsburgh.  Tonight, I am trying to get a ticket for tonight’s football game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals.  I may get a ticket because Kraig Urbik, a former Wisconsin Badger who got drafted by the Steelers this year is playing his first ever NFL game and has a good shot of becoming one of the front five for the Steelers protecting Ben Rothelisberger.

The conference doesn’t start until tomorrow, but all people will have their eyes on former President Bill Clinton who will be one of the keynote speakers tonight at the lefty Netroots Nation conference.  Otherwise, tomorrow I will be blogging live from the conference all day.

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2 Responses to Just Arrived in Pittsburgh for RightOnline 2009.

  1. steveegg says:

    I wonder if Bill still hangs his head sheepishly when told to put some ice on that.

    Seriously, I wish I would have known I’d be back in Milwaukee as early as I am; I won’t be there until tomorrow morning.

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