Amy Menefee of PatientsUnitedNow discusses the PatientsFirst tour

Blogging from Pittsburgh

Amy Menefee the Communications director for Americans for Prosperity has recently mentioned of the success of the PatientsFirst tour across the nation.  The PatientsFirst tour has been attracting crowds in which people even travel long distances to be part of the rally.

Menefee took the time to dispel the myths the mainstream media has had towards the PatientsFirst bus tour.  First, Menefee mentioned that the big insurance companies have had no part in the PatientsFirst plan.  Health care companies like BlueCross Anthem, United Health Care, and Aetna are lobbying for a piece for the government funded plan.  Its insurance companies and companies like Wal-Mart who according to Menefee are lobbying hard.

Also, the current status of the health care bill was being discussed.  Menefee said that a big reason why the legislation is being held up is because of the question how much is it going to pay.  According to Menefee this is the number one complaint she has received from activists who attend PatientsFirst events.  Phil Kerpen, the Policy Director of  Americans for Prosperity has said that US Senate Democrats are not releasing their version of the bill.  Kerpen said at the beginning of the session that a large amount of uncertainty folds of what are the differences between the House and Senate versions of the health insurance reform bill and “if the Senate will not release it, how will people know?”

Lastly, Menefee has encouraged activists to not get wrapped into the status quo discussion about being labeled as the status quo.  With conservatives being on the offensive, the left will try to use defensive maneuvers like labeling conservatives the “status quo” to turn back the tide.

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