Congressman Kind stifles free speech at health care town halls as he is running scared of Kapanke

Congressman Ron Kind is out on a political power play right now as the incumbent Congressman is facing his stiffest opposition ever.  Congressman Kind who is starting to feel the heat from constituents as the swing vote on health care reform is pulling off this power play so he can avoid the wrath of the constituents of the Third District.

Congressman Kind’s staff is one of the first to impose ground rules at his health care town hall meetings.  What Congressman Kind is setting up is going to seriously backfire on him.  Congressman Kind is playing games with free speech on the most important policy battle ever.  However, when the Congressman is facing a growing discord from LaCrosse to Prairie du Chien, there is going to be a lot of unhappy constituents who will show up at his meetings.  I understand order is important to the Democratic process, but when people are growing skeptical of the Congressman they should not be played as political pawns as the Congressman is going to do a lottery drawing on who asks questions.

The big concern is will Congressman Kind use the lottery drawing to give his buddies from the unions patronage and the floor over the taxpayers of the Third District?  I encourage anyone who is skeptical of the Congressman to call his office and tell his staff to listen to both sides of the issue.  It is important that Congressman Kind hears the message that his so-called ground rules are nothing but a code name to use the listening sessions as payback to the left wing special interests.

If Congressman Kind wants to push his so-called ground rules, it will be motivation for disgruntled constituents to give the incumbent a pink slip and put in taxpayer advocate Dan Kapanke to represent the third district.

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