RightOnline Card Check panel exposes big labor’s gaffes at Netroots Nation.


Blogging from Pittsburgh

Today, the card check breakout session has came in amid some big news from Pittsburgh.   During Netroots Nation, Senator Arlen Specter will vote for cloture for the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) known as “card check”.  Senator Specter will vote for cloture which is to cut off an attempt to “filler buster” EFCA.  During the breakout session, activists were reminded that a vote for cloture is a vote for EFCA.  Americans for Prosperity Director of Policy Phil Kerpen announced the news of Specter’s decision before the breakout session started.

The card check legislation  is an effective attempt by unions like the SEIU and AFSCME to eliminate the secret ballot and use a majority sign-up method at fifty percent plus one.  Also, the card check system will allow unions to have more power to harass employees to sign up for labor unions when employees are forced against their will.  Under the current law, 30 percent of union cards must be signed before an election is certified.  Under card check if a simple majority is signed up for an union, the National Labor Relations Board automatically certifies an union.  The sad reminder is that despite the hold-up in Congress, the card check legislation is not dead.

Card check has a very dangerous arbitration section in the law.  What is dangerous is that the law has binding compulsory arbitration.  What will happen is that both sides can stall for up to 120 days in the law and after 120 days a government arbitrator can write an entire contract from scratch in which a government arbitrator can determine your wages, benefits, and working conditions.  What would happen is that there would be baseball arbitration in which an arbitrator can pick and choose what is best to their choosing.  Also, there is a winner take all arbitration too in the bill.  EFCA gives that power straight to an arbitrator to pick and choose which plan works best.  The sad truth is what may be good for big labor is not good for the American worker.

Timothy Lee an Attorney for the Center for Individual Freedom expressed concerns of free speech rights being violated under EFCA.  Lee mentioned under EFCA that even if someone questions the speech of an employer or an group, every violation carries a $20,000 fine.  Lee also expressed that some of the anti-speech provisions of the bill violates the First Amendment.

Also, Americans for Prosperity exposed a plan by the labor unions who try to use card check to fund left-wing politics.  This is a reason why many people are becoming very skeptical to big labor.

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