John Fund of the Wall Street Journal says 2009 RightOnline Conference is more optimistic than Netroots

Blogging from Pittsburgh

John Fund from the Wall Street Journal began his speech at RightOnline 2009 as he declared RightOnline being more fired up than Netroots Nation.  Mr. Fund told RightOnline activists that the left could lose 40 to 60 seats in Congress in 2010.  John Fund declared “when the Democrats lose 40 seats already next year, Nancy Pelosi automatically becomes the minority leader.”

Fund said this statement after two independent pollsters at Netroots on Thursday gave their activists a sobering dose of how the political climate is turning to the right in 2010.  Fund has said that this is the third time since 1978 that Democrats in the federal government when they have full control have slipped up.  Fund told the activists: “I think this is time you should go for the hat trick” in which 2010 could be the third time center right activists have defeated the Democrats when acting in the mode of an extreme left wing party.

The well known Wall Street Journal writer praised activists at RightOnline for showing up at tea party protests and town hall meetings to get their messages heard.  With the historical significance of the health care fight, Fund said: “You will remember the Summer of 2009 when family and friends may ask you how you spent this summer?  You will tell them you stopped big government in its tracks.”

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