As Illinois launches its transparency portal today, there is no excuse Wisconsin should lag behind the rest of the Midwest on being open and transparent

Today, the State of Illinois took the first steps as a government in restoring open and transparent government by launching the Illinois Transparency and Accountability portal that was signed into law last week by Governor Pat Quinn.  As I praise the State of Illinois in taking the first steps towards restoring transparency, I am very disgusted with our Democratic controlled legislature especially “Red Fred” Kessler the Chairman of the Assembly State Affairs Committee for failing to hold a public hearing on this issue.

As Illinois is rebuilding its battered image from the fallout of Rod Blagojevich, Democrats in the Wisconsin legislature are sitting on their hands on this issue as their party have failed to take action on transparency.  On previous posts on the North Shore Exponent, I have called out on so-called transparency advocates in the Democratic Party including Louis Molepske, Jr. and Cory Mason for not holding tough on their message.  Also, I have called on Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker for failing to take action in his own chamber on the issue of transparency. With the news today of Illinois submitting to the ultimate in openness and transparency, the Democrats are still “the party of no transparency and accountablity.”

Republican representatives Rich Zipperer and Bill Kramer over the past two years have been the most vocal advocates in Wisconsin’s legislature for greater transparency and accountability.  However, with Wisconsin dealing with failed IT projects, no bid train contracts, and staffers in the Governor’s office not being upfront on their travel expenses, the taxpayers of Wisconsin want the money to be shown to them.  Today, I again request the Assembly State Affairs Committee Chairman Fred Kessler to hold a public hearing on the comprehensive transparency and earmark transparency bills in the next 60 days.  If Mr. Kessler cannot hold a hearing, I kindly request DPW Chairman Mike Tate to call out on his party for their failed record on transparency.  Missouri, Minnesota, Indiana, and now Illinois are becoming open and transparent, but if Wisconsin wants to be a national leader again it is time the Badger State acts like a national leader in open, honest, and transparent government.  It is time to end the Chicago and New Jersey style politics and restore our tradition of clean government for the better of Wisconsin.

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