Baldwin, Kind, and Obey short change their constituents during the congressional recess

This week, I will be on the road with Americans for Prosperity as I will assist them in their upcoming health care town hall series held in LaCrosse, Madison, and Wausau.  However, I will be coming to those three cities to see how the constituents of Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin and Congressmen Ron Kind and Dave Obey feel as they are being short changed on the health care debate.

First, Ron Kind who may be running for Governor next year could lose the election next year for refusing to hold health care town halls in the population centers of his congressional district even if he decides to run for Congress instead.  Congressman Kind refused to accept AFP’s invitation to listen to concerned constituents in La Crosse who want their voices heard on health care reform.  The big reason is that Kind does not want to face the fact that the City of La Crosse is turning red and knowing that he may be in the fight of his political life against Dan Kapanke.  La Crosse is showing red after Kapanke has won two tough election fights for State Senate and electing Republican Mayor Matt Harter in April by double digit margins.  Also add on that State Rep. Jen Shilling is more unpopular with voters could be a key reason why Rep. Kind short changed LaCrosse for Thursday.

Also, I am anticipating the Wausau event that will be held in the suburb of Rothschild to be packed to the walls.  There could be a lot of constituents not pleased with  Dave Obey for refusing to hold health care town halls during this congressional recess.  Many people in Wausau and Stevens Point and nearby want to talk to Congressman Obey on health care reform and have been putting the pressure on the 40 year incumbent to hold these sessions.  Personally, any constituent in the 7th District regardless where they stand on the health care debate would feel slapped in the face as this truly demonstrates that Obey is putting Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid first before the people of the 7th District.

Lastly, having tele-town halls should not be an excuse to have nose to nose conversations with the constituents of the 2nd District.  There are people in Jefferson County and Sauk County who want their voices heard as this seat is not just the City of Madison.  Tammy Baldwin should know this well and therefore  should make an effort to listen to people in her district regardless where they stand. As Madison and South Central Wisconsin is not becoming reliably blue right now, Baldwin should take the time to listen.

Hopefully, regardless where people stand there will be a civil and honest discussion of ideas on health care reform and I encourage anyone in the 2nd, 3rd, or 7th districts to come to these sessions with an open mind and a healthy exchange of ideas.

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2 Responses to Baldwin, Kind, and Obey short change their constituents during the congressional recess

  1. I need 2 tickets for the Health care townhallmeeting tonight at 6:30 at the Marriot in Madison. thanks Shirley Duesler

  2. Scoobs says:

    Having tele-town halls is an insult to the constituents and a pansies way out. And THIS time, the public knows that! So let them have all the tele-town halls their little hearts desire because when all is said and done, it will be the Congresspeople who stand up, face to face with us, that deserve our respect. Now just because someone stands up, doesn’t mean I’m going to agree with them but these ‘tele’-town hall’s will certainly weed out the majority and help us to focus on the remaining few!
    So if you’re NOT going to be busy on Sat, Sept 5th, come to our Tea Party in Sheboygan and voice YOUR concerns, see there are people JUST like you who are SICK AND TIRED of government foolishly running away with our hard earned money! Come to
    Despite all the doom and gloom, there are enough true blue Americans out there that will save this country!
    See you there!

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