Wisconsin, Beware: If ObamaCare gets stopped get ready to fight against Healthy Wisconsin

Just today, WisPolitics reported that State Senator Jon Erpenbach has warned Wisconsin Democrats in the legislature to put Healthy Wisconsin back on the table if ObamaCare gets stopped.  All I say to the taxpayers of Wisconsin is that the fight will not be over.

Senator Erpenbach said that he will be tweaking the plan to make it more attractive to people.  However, what are the tweaks to the plan that will make it more attractive?  That is the question that must be answered.  With more companies like Ashley Furniture, Mercury Marine, and Harley Davidson shipping jobs out of Wisconsin, the question we ask is how much more will it hurt Wisconsin businesses under the plan.

Also, the State Senator in his interview tried to call out on the people who showed up at the town halls opposed to Healthy Wisconsin.  All the Exponent has to say to Senator Erpenbach is be prepared to listen to the same angry constituents across the State of Wisconsin who have opposed President Obama’s plan in which they will be opposed to what the Healthy Wisconsin plan will be.

Healthy Wisconsin has been killed in the past two legislative sessions for a reason, because Wisconsin wants quality care without the government getting in the way and health care reform should come without putting the costs on the backs of small businesses and taxpayers.  This is evidenced by President Obama’s current approval rating by SurveyUSA which is only at 50 percent in the State of Wisconsin as its trending with other states like Ohio which are at near or below 50 percent for disapproval.

What could happen in Wisconsin, could be attempted in 49 other states so if ObamaCare gets stopped it is important to not let up because any state including where you live could be the target for government-run health care.

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One Response to Wisconsin, Beware: If ObamaCare gets stopped get ready to fight against Healthy Wisconsin

  1. john b says:

    You’re an idiot. Too bad you like to shoot yourself in the back. Get your facts right and maybe we can all get some decent health care and get the insurance companies out of our pockets. Right now my health care is being balanced on my back plus a big check for some CEO of some insurance company. Vote for Obama care and for Healthy Wisconsin. Unless of course you’re being paid off by the Koch brothers.

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