The health care town halls Americans for Prosperity hosted this week in Wisconsin provided a real dialouge on health care reform.

I just got back from being on the road with Americans for Prosperity in Madison, LaCrosse, and Wausau after a successful health care reform town hall series.   The event that sent the message to those who wanted to distort Americans for Prosperity was over 2,000 people showing up at the Marriott Madison West on Wednesday night.  There were a few people that tried to disrupt the event, but those who tried to heckle John Stossel were out-numbered by the amount of people who came looking for answers on the health care reform they could not get anywhere else.

There was a good crowd for the Thursday afternoon event in La Crosse before the culmination of the event was over 1,300 people who packed the Rothschild Pavilion on Thursday night as the people who came for the the event were fired up.   It was great to see the organizers have a empty seat reserved for Dave Obey who has been sheltered during the August congressional recess on town hall meetings.

The response I heard from many people was that they were amazed by the level of substance in the meetings that they could not get anywhere else.   Many people came to the town hall meetings with genuine concern about the future and direction of this nation.  It was people from all walks of life who are concerned from young people to senior citizens worried about Medicare.  John Stossel had one key quote about Medicare being a big Ponzi scheme: “we’ve already locked up Bernie Madoff for running only little Ponzi scheme to what Medicare is today.”  Stossel said that Medicare is becoming “unsustainable”.

Also, the left like the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and One Partisan Wisconsin Now were nothing but off-base on their attacks of the event.  Our response back to the left is how are they going to hold accountable their allies who are ducking the town hall meetings especially Dave Obey and Ron Kind who passed on his hometown of La Crosse for Darlington.  There are people that are not happy with HR 3200 and instead of attacking organizations that bring a real exchange of ideas to the public, how about they hold their own liberals accountable for being unresponsive to the public with phony tele-town halls and passing the buck around.

It is important that people are concerned with health care and with HR 3200 to not let Congress stall this out.  It is time to keep pouring the pressure and make Congress listen as now for many Congressmen their political lives are on the line.

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