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Two days before our live coverage of the 2009 Defending the American Dream Summit

Two days from now I will be leaving Wisconsin to come to Washington, DC to cover the 2009 Americans for Prosperity Defending the American Summit.   I will be joining close to 2,000 people who will converge on our nation’s capital to … Continue reading

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Jeff Wood must resign from the Assembly for his own good or face expulsion.

With the recent news of Rep. Jeff Wood’s fourth arrest for driving under the influence, the North Shore Exponent calls on Rep. Wood who is currently seeking inpatient treatment to resign from his seat as the Representative of Wisconsin’s 67th … Continue reading

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Mike Tate and the DPW, the audacity of Wisconsin values.

In the years I have been following politics in Wisconsin, I have never seen the Democratic Party of Wisconsin go to a new, classless low.  I was a proud volunteer of the Milwaukee Tea Party who could of have watched … Continue reading

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Mike Tate’s comments towards tea partiers are far from the truth.

Mike Tate, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman has said on three different occasions, rude, disparaging, and false remarks towards attendees of the Milwaukee Tea Party over the weekend.  Let’s review the hit parade the DPW Chairman has said over … Continue reading

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Note to Readers

On our post pointing out the Milwaukee Tea Party altercation, it was Renee Crawford’s blog and not Dan Cody’s blog responsible.  We apologize for making any technical errors.  It was Dan Cody’s blog pointing out Crawford’s blog post not himself … Continue reading

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Renee Crawford’s blog lying on the altercation that happened at the Milwaukee Tea Party

Crawford’s Take produced misinformation on what happened at the Milwaukee Tea Party when the reported altercation happened.   I was at the event but not near where the reported altercation happened.  If Crawford wants the real truth on what happened, she … Continue reading

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Another Travelgate scandal caused by no transparency in Wisconsin.

Now, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has reported that there is another travelgate scandal and this time it is in the State Treasurer’s Office.   When the newspaper tried to put State Treasurer Dawn Marie Sass on the spot asking if she … Continue reading

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