The attacks towards Bill Osmulski at MacIver institute show why the mainstream media today is ineffective

Over the past few days since the MacIver Institute announced the hiring of former WKOW-TV reporter Bill Osmulski, the left and some mainstream media outlets have been trying to attack Osmulski for doing the work of what journalism should be instead of acknowledging him.  On Sunday, the Wisconsin State Journal written an article questioning Osmulski’s motives to interview Congressman Dave Obey (D-WI-7th) and State Senator Pat Krietlow (D-Chippewa Falls/North Eau Claire-23rd) over a stimulus funded project for the City of Chippewa Falls.  This comes after a few days earlier when the same newspaper did an introductory article on Osmulski and had Scot Ross of the liberal One Partisan Wisconsin Now calling Osmulski’s work “propaganda”.

The MacIver Institute went on its website the next day to tell the facts that the Wisconsin State Journal would not report proving that the newspaper is following a trend in today’s media attacking good, hard journalism for spin and soft news.  As many television stations and newspapers are cutting investigative reporters due to the economy, there is still a need for someone to watch over our elected officials.  A good example is the state budget disgrace in which a complete budget was passed in secrecy without media or public scrutiny shows why there is still a need for hard hitting investigative reporting.

My question to all the left wing special interest groups who will attack Osmulski is where will you go for investigative reporting when another news organization has to stop doing it due to the economic crisis? Who will be watching over the public hearing at the State Capitol in Madison or the County Board Meeting at the Milwaukee County Courthouse? Who will be investigating corrupt politicians like Milwaukee County Board Chairman Lee Holloway, Governor Jim Doyle, and State Representative Jeff Wood?   Because if no one watches our elected officials over and holds them accountable in the public’s interest, Chicago style corruption will rule in Wisconsin  and we will be dealing our versions of Rod Blagojevich, Alexi Giannoulais,  Jesse Jackson, Jr., Roland Burris, and Todd Stroger.   If the left needs a good example of hard journalism, they should look at the countless YouTube clips of great news teams of the 70’s and 80’s in Milwaukee and Chicago of the likes of Mike Gousha, Vince Gibbens, Mike Jacobs, Ron Magers, Bill Kurtis, and Carol Marin.  How did TMJ 4 in Milwaukee and NBC 5 and CBS 2 in Chicago win the ratings fights year after year, because they reported news the hard way by sticking their necks out for the truth.

If the mainstream media is chicken to  not hold politicians like Dave Obey accountable then that’s the reason why organizations like the MacIver Institute have their own investigative reporters to fill the void.   The public craves for hard journalism and for the facts,  and what the State Journal written shows that this is a new low for the mainstream media who wants to protect corrupt officials.

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