Rep. Mason has it wrong on creating jobs, its the unemployment rate and high taxes, stupid!!!!!

In the time I have followed politics, I have never seen a more failed proposal to create jobs by State Rep. Cory Mason (D-South Racine, 62nd District) and his so-called Wisconsin Jobs initiative.  The two term Democrat yesterday released a plan of what he thought could create good paying jobs.  Rep. Mason thinks that taxing people in Wisconsin who make $1 million or more will help fund job training programs to create jobs for 40,000 people.

Rep. Mason has it all wrong.  First, Rep. Mason’s proposal will do nothing to create jobs at a time when we are seeing good paying manufacturing jobs already leave Wisconsin for states like Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana.  This has been already been created with Wisconsin having the most uncompetitive tax policies in the Midwest.   What Rep. Mason does not want to admit that the Combined Reporting tax along with Wisconsin’s horrible income tax structure has already led to the demise of good paying jobs.  If Rep. Mason thinks taxing people who make over $1 million one percent more will create more middle class jobs, then he should realize that the middle class is suffering in Wisconsin under the current tax structure.  Any person in Wisconsin who makes $20,440 to $153,280 is taxed at 6.5% which is the worst in the Midwest.  We are taxing are middle class more than Illinois (3%), Indiana (3.4%), and Michigan (4.3%) which are flat tax states.  This is a reason why we are seeing a big brain drain and why our young people leave Wisconsin after college to move to Illinois and Minnesota.

Second, Rep. Mason’s proposal already adds more insult to injury to Racine’s very high unemployment rate nearing 20 percent.  Rep. Mason, already has said that the KRM along with his Wisconsin Jobs Initiative will help reduce the near 20 percent unemployment.  If Rep. Mason sees the headlines of more companies leaving Wisconsin due to the high taxes, then he would realize that he is making the problem worse.  The proposal that Rep. Mason has created has come from one of the most shadiest state representatives in Wisconsin who crafted the shady KRM rental car tax deal behind closed doors and a so called transparency advocate who’s actions while serving on the Joint Finance Committee during the state budget deliberations render him a total hypocrite.

Rep. Mason come out of the closet and face the fact that you will be punishing job creators more in order to create jobs.  All in all, you have failed on how economics works and when the people of Racine suffer more they will remember your actions at the ballot box next year and send you back to the private sector.  Rep. Mason, it is high unemployment rate and already high taxes, stupid that has put Wisconsin in this situation.

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