Is WIsconsin knows linked to Mike Tate’s Democrat cronies?

Just after Mark Neumann announced his Governor’s run, a shady new website called WIsconsin Knows did an expose of his interview with Charlie Sykes saying that the former Congressman had a stake in his brother’s home building business when his brother had to file for bankruptcy.

Yes, it is important to decode the truth, but the WIsconsin Knows website is very shady.   We can tell who is behind it are the cronies of Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate.  The style of writing on WI Knows is just about all similar to a press release the Chairman wrote after his governor’s run. Also, the blogger of WI knows fails to show a source over Ken Neumann’s bankruptcy records and some pretty irrelevant links in the blog.  This really shows how desperate the new chairman and his cronies want to win the Governor’s race as there rumors floating around the State Capitol that there is a civil war dividing the Dems in Wisconsin between the City of Milwaukee and out-state Wisconsin.

All we got to say to WIsconsin Knows if you are going to be an investigative type blog, better tell who you are and also you better get your facts nailed down before anyone can take your work seriously.

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5 Responses to Is WIsconsin knows linked to Mike Tate’s Democrat cronies?

  1. That seems like quite a big jump that you are making…I could say that Walker’s people were behind that site. 1. Neumann is HIS PRIMARY OPPONENT right now and 2. Walker supporters have already posted a blog on using the Wisconsin Knows info against Neumann.
    So why couldn’t it be Walker’s people behind that site?

  2. Matt says:

    I hear its tied to Walker.

  3. Jo Egelhoff says:

    Interesting Kyle. The effort is a sleazy one. I didn’t have a clue when I read it. Why did it come via email?

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