Our Response to Eye on Wisconsin on Wisconsin Knows

First, Eye on Wisconsin a noted liberal blog picked up our blog post on Wisconsin Knows.  I appreciate Cory Liebmann’s insight on the other side on what he thought would link the Walker Camp to this website, but I want to tell everyone on the methodology I used to link the Democrats to the site.

When someone forwarded me a e-mail about this and there was an Milwaukee Address on the bottom of the e-mail linked to the website, it was important that research had to be done on the actual address.  When the address on Silver Spring Drive was looked up on the Huffington Post’s and other campaign finance databases I had every assertion that it comes from a solid blue section of Milwaukee County as according to the databases as the first indicator.  The address was near the border of Milwaukee and Glendale which is a pretty solid blue section.   Then the second determination was finding  of the style of the writing of the blog post versus the press release the DPW issued after Neumann’s campaign announcement to be very similar.   This was the factor that led to the possibility of  Democrat operatives being linked to the site.

Also, we pointed out that WIsconsin Knows failed to acknowledge where they got the bankruptcy records of Ken Neumann.  The credibility of the post by WIsconsin Knows will fall on deaf ears unless who wrote the story gives credit to where they got the records as federal bankruptcy records are public records under the Freedom of Information Act.

Second, Cory made a good attempt to acknowledge that the Walker camp hates Jim Klauser who is a top backer of Mark Neumann and yes that fact is true.  However, what Cory forgot to acknowledge is that during the 2009 State Convention in La Crosse during the straw poll 93.7% of the GOP voted in favor of Walker proving that the party is moving past the Tommy era.   If there is a noted division in the GOP as some people think that is false.  The straw vote at the 2009 state  convention sent a message that party is unified towards Walker.   It will be wait and see on how steady the numbers hold till the primary.

Lastly, the  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is correct to further report on my assertions that there is a civil war evident in the Democratic Party between the Milwaukee caucus and out-state Wisconsin dems with the battle for MPS mayoral control.  However, the divisions in the party were evident long before the MPS battle.  It was during the state budget process in which Tamara Grigsby chewed out her fellow Milwaukee Democrats for not going all out and during a video that Rebecca Kleefisch shot that acknowledges  South Milwaukee Democrat Christine Sinicki furious at other out-state Democrats for the arguing during the budget process calling the bickering “a big waste”.

As I acknowledge and respect the other side’s opinion, I look forward any day of the week to point out the differences of all the political jockeying that will happen now up until the elections.

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2 Responses to Our Response to Eye on Wisconsin on Wisconsin Knows

  1. Zach W. says:

    Kyle, I’d love to see the email in question…you know, the one that enabled you to determine the physical location of the individual supposedly responsible for Wisconsin Knows.

    What’s more, if you think Wisconsin Knows is at all similar in writing style to anything written by the DPW, then you really need to take another look.

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