Another Travelgate scandal caused by no transparency in Wisconsin.

Now, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has reported that there is another travelgate scandal and this time it is in the State Treasurer’s Office.   When the newspaper tried to put State Treasurer Dawn Marie Sass on the spot asking if she asked the taxpayers to fund the expenses of  her trip to the annual conference of the National Association of State Treasurers in Dana Point, CA , here was her response:

“No, never. It never has. I’m one of the most fiscally responsible treasurers there are. I take the subway with my suitcase from the airports. I walk to the (U.S.) Capitol . . . because I didn’t want to spend money on a cab. I am very responsible.”-Wisconsin State Treasurer Dawn Marie Sass

Well, better look again at the records as her claims to the Journal-Sentinel are false that the Association paid for all her expenses.  At a time when taxpayers are suffering from bad budgeting and no transparency, open records the newspaper obtained showed the organization paid just $3,898 of $9,367 in bills for Sass.   This means taxpayers like you and me are picking up for the remaining $5,469.  Also, Sass contradicted her statement to the newspaper in its September 7th edition saying that taxpayers sometimes paid for her staff to travel to conferences but that all of her expenses were covered by the association.

This scandal is the latest example of why Wisconsin is falling behind Illinois, Missouri, and Minnesota on transparency and accountability caused by Democrats in Madison who are standing in the way of open and transparent government.    Recently, we asked how many more scandals is it going to take before Wisconsin can become a open and transparent government?

A priority of the next Governor of Wisconsin is to make the state government fully open and transparent and having a simple Google-type website where anyone can search where their tax dollars are being spent.  This is a major step Wisconsin has to take if we can rid our state from backroom budgets, travel expense flaps, and hiring consultants who are under investigation with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  The stench of Illinois corruption has escaped to Wisconsin and the only way we can rid of the Chicago style politics is to change the way we do business.

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