Mike Tate’s comments towards tea partiers are far from the truth.

Mike Tate, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman has said on three different occasions, rude, disparaging, and false remarks towards attendees of the Milwaukee Tea Party over the weekend.  Let’s review the hit parade the DPW Chairman has said over the weekend:

Friday before the Tea Party

“Malkin and other leaders of the teabagging movement claim to fight for average citizens while they’re actually in the pocket of corporate interests,” said Tate. “The anti-worker and anti-reform rhetoric that Malkin has become known for is not what Wisconsin and our nation needs.”

Excuse me Chairman Tate, people of all walks of life regardless of political affiliation or income have shown up at tea parties everywhere in Wisconsin from Milwaukee to Appleton.   What Wisconsin does not need is more taxes and spending inflicted on the middle class in which Tate’s party has already done with a secret budget deal.  The middle class is suffering because Tate’s party has already taxed the sick, your cell phone, your i-pod, and many other things.  Despite his party claims to stick up for the middle class, they are hurting in Wisconsin.

Saturday After the Tea Party

“These are extremist elements pulling together, distinct vocal minorities that frankly don’t believe in this country,” Tate said. “They don’t want to see more people have access to quality affordable health care; they don’t want clean air and water. They fundamentally don’t understand how the American government, economy and capitalism work.”-Chairman Mike Tate in a interview to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

That statement is totally rude and full of nonsense Chairman Tate.  First, for Chairman Tate to say that people “don’t understand how the American government, economy, and capitalism work” is full of hypocrisy when his party in charge of Madison and Washington tosses the Constitution to side to fulfill their self serving  big government prophecies.  People understand how the government works and they know when Government gets way too excessive.  Second for Chairman Tate to label tea partiers as people “that frankly don’t believe in this nation” is a total insult.  These people who attend tea parties are people who love this state and this nation who have said enough of the big spending and the bailouts.   People want access to health care, but they do not trust the government to expand access to health care.

Monday After the Tea Party

Although organizers claimed the protest was peaceful, one man was injured and taken to the hospital.  Other protestors used scare tactics, name-calling and false claims of socialism to get their point across.

“Wisconsin has a history of open and honest debate,” said Tate. “The fact that Scott Walker would endorse this behavior should be a clear sign to voters across Wisconsin that Walker is too extreme to represent them.”-DPW Press Release

Chairman Tate, did you care to look at the tape of what happened on YouTube?  What happened was that one of your supporters was acting out of line and got arrested. That supporter got injured after his face got bloodied up after six Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Deputies tackled him hard to the ground and that too is on tape.  Second, to blame Scott Walker and to call him “extreme for Wisconsin families” is nothing but total scapegoating and full of logical fallacies.   Mike Tate’s comments are nothing but, rude, arrogant, and juvenile commentary aimed at destroying people.

Charlie Sykes has said that Mike Tate is a 30 year old Chairman acting like he is 12 years old. I do agree with Charlie that Tate is acting like a child doing a grown up’s job.  Mike Tate claims he can talk tough, but the hits of his 12 year old commentary will just keep on coming.   What we saw this weekend is a new low for the left and the Democratic Party in Wisconsin when poll after poll has shown genuine disapproval for their agenda.

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One Response to Mike Tate’s comments towards tea partiers are far from the truth.

  1. corrine allard says:

    I’m so disappointed in the lack of television press this got.

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