Jeff Wood must resign from the Assembly for his own good or face expulsion.

With the recent news of Rep. Jeff Wood’s fourth arrest for driving under the influence, the North Shore Exponent calls on Rep. Wood who is currently seeking inpatient treatment to resign from his seat as the Representative of Wisconsin’s 67th Assembly District.  Rep. Wood’s conduct has put a stain on the institution of the Wisconsin State Assembly.

The people of the 67th District need a representative in tough economic times to represent their interests in Madison free from doubt or reservation.  With Mr. Wood’s recent DWI arrests, it shows that people in his district are seeing that  their representative maybe unfit to represent their interests.  As he seeks inpatient treatment, it is imperative that he resigns because people in Chippewa Falls and Bloomer who are worried about the future need someone in Madison to fight on their behalf without worry.  Rep. Wood cannot continue to be their Representative when he is facing serious personal issues that affect his ability to lead.  If Rep. Wood wants to continue his role in the Assembly, he should be prepared to face the consequences of expulsion.  A two-thirds vote of 66 out of 99 is required to expel Wood in which there is no doubt that there is enough votes to expel Mr. Wood if that is warranted.

We applaud Rep. Steve Nass (R-Whitewater, 31st District) for calling on Rep. Wood to resign or face expulsion from his peers in the Assembly under the  current rules.  This is not about parties, it is about who is fit to lead and to represent Chippewa County in tough economic times.   The decision on whether Jeff Wood stays in the Assembly should not hinge on party lines but more on a question if he is competent to carry on his duties for the people of Chippewa County.  This means a impending special election in the event of Wood’s expulsion should not sway if he stays in the Assembly.

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