Two days before our live coverage of the 2009 Defending the American Dream Summit

Two days from now I will be leaving Wisconsin to come to Washington, DC to cover the 2009 Americans for Prosperity Defending the American Summit.   I will be joining close to 2,000 people who will converge on our nation’s capital to send a message to Washington and the mainstream media.  The message is that our nation is spending too much.

Also, I am excited that Wisconsin’s own Paul Ryan will speak to the whole delegation of the Defending the American Dream Summit this weekend.  Paul Ryan who is a fearless advocate for Wisconsin’s Taxpayers recieves a well-deserved speaking slot during an event featuring Laura Ingraham, Newt Gingrich, Larry Kudlow of CNBC, South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachman, Indiana Congressman Mike Pence, and Steve Moore and John Fund of the Wall Street Journal.

Also, all the members of the Wisconsin Defending the Dream Summit Delegation will have time on Friday to speak to members of Wisconsin’s Congressional delegation on critical issues.    Also, I will try to secure interviews with some of the newsmakers of the summit as I will be a fully credentialed blogger for the event.

Check out the site on Friday for the latest updates as we will begin updates during the afternoon hours on Friday.  If you have a twitter, the hash tag is #DAD09

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